5 Design Ideas with Epoxy Flooring

If you’re thinking about installing some new flooring in your space, you may be surprised to learn just how many options you have! There are tons of different types of floors, each with their own pros and cons, and it can be hard to decide which one will work best for your home. But don’t worry—domestic resin flooring wales offer countless design possibilities that are sure to suit your specific tastes and needs. Here are five ways you can get creative with resin flooring!

1) Geometric Patterns

Epoxy resin flooring offers a fantastic opportunity to create unique, intricate patterns. In some cases, these designs are even applied by hand, making resin floors stand out from all others in terms of originality and personalization. If you’re seeking an innovative and modern look for your home or garage[1] , resin floors should be your go-to option. There are many examples of unique designs you can create for yourself.

2) Monochromatic Colour Schemes

When it comes to resin flooring, especially epoxy flooring, choosing monochromatic colour schemes (e.g., black, white) will ensure a classy, sleek look in any room of your home. The dramatic contrast of dark floors and bright walls will give your place a luxurious feel while making it appear larger than life! Monochromatic colour schemes are also extremely versatile because they can be easily mixed and matched—white resin flooring works especially well with dark walls.

3) Gold Effect

Among all colour choices, gold is one of most popular finishes for resin flooring. Golden epoxy looks luxurious and will bring an aura of wealth to any space it’s placed in, making it a fantastic finish for high-end projects such as hotel lobbies and casinos. As an added bonus, shiny epoxy floors also reflect light, making them perfect to make your space come alive.

4) Flake Colour Options

With an epoxy floor, you can easily pick and choose exactly how you want your floors to look. By picking from a range of unique flake colours, you can give your room an individual look and make it really stand out. This colour option will really be at its best in rooms with natural light as it’ll allow your floors to pop!

5) Multi-Coloured Patterns

Whether you want to create a bold, block-colour effect or something softer and more pastel, epoxy floors allow you to combine different shades of resins for beautiful patterns and vibrant designs. These creative combinations will be custom-made by your resin floor installation company, so make sure to take advantage of their expertise!

6) Stenciling Designs

Whether you are using epoxy floors as a decorative backdrop for your bathroom or kitchen[2] , or using them in open spaces to create an artistic masterpiece, stencilling is a great way to add colour and depth to your resin floor. And it’s so easy!

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