Tips That Can Help You Renovate Your Bathroom

It is interesting to note that, just as electronics have advanced technology, the facilities appearing in the bathroom market are also not left behind. Here are things that can help you renovate the bathroom ( รี โน เวท ห้องน้ำ which is the term in Thai):

1. Wallpaper

Look at the technology there again! Nowadays, there are specific wallpapers to be used in humid areas, such as bathrooms. Although they can wear out relatively quickly, they are an excellent solution for changing the bathroom without requiring significant investments, breakage, and dirt. According to professionals, vinyl and washable ones are the most suitable.

2. 3D Coating

Along with geometric designs, one of the most fashionable elements nowadays, when we talk about decoration, is the 3D coating. It brings more class and modernity to any environment, including the bathrooms.

In this area, PVC models are the most suitable. That’s because they are easier to clean and more resistant to humid environments.

3. Indirect lighting

Like painting, wallpaper, and 3D coating, lighting is another change option that usually doesn’t require breaking-breaking. Indirect lighting, with lamps in crown molding and mirrors, remains an elegant and modern alternative.

However, its application requires strategy. It is necessary to study the place well to check the best places for the points of light. Otherwise, there is a risk of shading precisely in the makeup mirror, for example.

4. Chromotherapy

If you are going to touch the lighting, you can consider installing colored lamps. Choose your favorite considering the effects of each color according to chromotherapy. For relaxation, the shades of blue are usually the most suitable.

5. Aromas

In addition to the colors, the aromas also help to make the environment more pleasant and relaxing. Consider adding diffusers, scented candles, and even aromatic plants to your bathroom decor.

6. Plants

Not only aromatics, but plants, in general, are welcome in the bathroom. The only requirement is that the environment has natural light, even if it is little. The most suitable species are those of shade or half shade.

And remember that the hardwoods are easier to care for than the flowery ones. In addition to improving the air and controlling humidity, they help reduce bacteria, soothe and, of course, beautify the environment.

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