10 Tips for Easy Garage Bottom Seal Installation

The bottom seal on your garage door is one of the essential parts of the door. It keeps out water, snow, and debris and ensures that your garage is insulated. An adequately installed bottom seal will also help to keep your energy bills low. Here are ten tips for easy garage bottom seal installation:

  1. Read the instructions before starting. This will save you time and frustration later on.
  2. Gather all of the necessary tools and materials before beginning. This includes a measuring tape, utility knife, caulk gun, sealant, and weatherstripping.
  3. Measure the width of your garage door opening. This will determine how much weatherstripping you need to purchase.
  4. Cut the weatherstripping to size using a utility knife. Make sure the cuts are straight so that the weatherstripping will lie flat against the door.
  5. Apply a bead of sealant to the door using a caulk gun. Start at one end of the door and work your way to the other.
  6. Press the weatherstripping into the sealant bead, making sure that it is evenly spaced along the length of the door.
  7. Trim any excess weatherstripping using a utility knife. Be careful not to cut into the door itself.
  8. Apply another bead of sealant over the weatherstripping top for added protection against moisture and drafts.
  9. Place a weight on each end of the door to hold it in place until the sealant has dried completely (usually 24 hours).
  10. Test the garage bottom retainer by closing the garage door and inspecting for any gaps or leaks around the edge of the door. If you find any, simply reapply sealant or weatherstripping until the problem is resolved.

Things to Keep In Mind:

It is essential to make sure that the bottom seal is installed properly to keep your garage insulated and free of drafts.

  • Be sure to measure the width of your door opening before purchasing weatherstripping or sealant so that you get the correct amount.
  • Cutting the weatherstripping to size and applying a bead of sealant are the two most essential steps in this process. Make sure that you take your time and do not rush.
  • If you find any gaps or leaks after installation, simply reapply sealant or weatherstripping as needed until the problem is resolved.


  • An adequately installed bottom seal will keep out water, snow, and debris and help to insulate your garage. This can save you money on your energy bills in the long run.
  • An easy installation process.
  • You can do it in a few hours with minimal tools and materials.


  • If not installed correctly, the bottom seal will not be effective in keeping out water, snow, and debris.
  • It is essential to take your time and measure correctly to avoid any problems during installation.
  • You may need to purchase additional weatherstripping or sealant if you make a mistake during installation.


Following these ten simple tips, you can easily install a bottom seal on your garage door in no time! This will save you money in energy bills and keep your garage more insulated throughout extreme temperatures!

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