Gaming companies working with hackers

While it might sound as if it is defeating, gaming companies have decided to fight hacks in different styles.  And thus, as you choose to use Warzone hacks, you need to be aware that gaming companies are coming on top of the game; Riot Games, Nintendo, and Rockstar Games.

Some of the companies have understood that hackers and gamers are all curious people, and they will do whatever it takes to ensure that they beat an opponent or solve a particular puzzle. The companies have also realized that exploiting a bug is a game on its own and of itself.

It has made them launch bounty programs to allow players a legal place of reporting about the bug and whenever they report, they are paid for doing so.  With that, the gaming company gets an opportunity to either punish the persistent and curiosity of gamers through having to ban them or take back the control of their game and even improve their products by going ahead and paying the hackers to report the hacks and thus ensure that there will be no more spreads and profits from having to circulate underground. The savvy players, whenever blocked, find their way back into the game.

Getting in the background

If the gaming companies are not in line with not trying to beat the hackers at their game, they will need to dig deeper. They will need to hire people who are used to hack games for their entertainment with bragging rights and operate and understand in forums like the unknowncheats.

For the hackers to report the bugs such as Warzone hacks to the makers of the games and not to the underground, they need to know that, there already exists program for disclosure that is legitimate. They could be paid for their disclosure responsibly.

To create trust, the makers of the games need to have a community manager who will then work directly with the hackers to earn trust, respond to the feedback, and react to bugs that are incoming before they become players cheats.

Hackers have to be paid a fair rate

There is nobody who wants to be poorly paid and hackers will not be different. For gamers to come up with headway on the issue, they have to ensure that they invest in the talent pool. One way to do this is by ensuring that community managers are employed who troll forums together with dark webs and interact to find how much the bugs are selling.

It is essential to know how much a bug is selling at in the underground and then ensure to offer a bounty which needs to be competitive as compared to the market rate, showing hackers that companies making the games are seriously taking what the hackers are doing and not just sitting and providing a disclosure system that happens to be useful in theory.

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