Things To Know Before Selecting A Condo

There are certain things one needs to consider before choosing a condo, especially a condo balcony garden (จัดสวนระเบียงคอนโด which is the term in Thai). They include:

 1) Infrastructure

  • Small and medium condominiums: if possible, provide a trash can for inorganic material (recyclable) for each floor. Separation by type of material (glass, paper, metal, plastic) would not be necessary if the recyclables were collected by a cooperative of collectors, which will probably carry out this selection later.
  • Large condominiums: provide one or more sets of 4 collection containers (for paper, plastic, glass, and metal) to be installed in strategic locations on the ground floor or garage.
  • Flour sacks: sold in bakeries, these sacks are more resistant than plastic bags and better suited for glass and metal cans.
  • Storage space: it must be large enough to gather material for at least a week or for as long as necessary to create a stock that the purchasing company collects on-site. It must not have infiltrations and pooled water. If possible, store common and recycled waste in different deposits.
  • Fire hazard: do not accumulate a lot of recyclable material, as paper and plastic are highly combustible. Would you mind not leaving them near electrical installations?
  • Apparatus for kneading aluminum cans: can take up a lot of volumes; this device reduces the problem.
  • Trash cans with wheels can replace a trash can and a wheelbarrow.
  • Gloves and boots for employees who will carry out internal transport and subsequent selection of material. Recyclable materials are the ones that can cause most injuries, especially in the case of glass and cans.

2nd) Outflow

It is essential that the Outflow is well planned so that selective collection does not “make water.” It is important not to accumulate too much material and have a fixed destination for collecting.

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