How To Keep The Condominium Valued?

Imagine that you are looking for a Ratchadamri condo (คอนโด ราชดำริ which is the term in Thai)to buy or rent. And when you arrive at the building, you face peeling walls, infiltrations, a dirty party room, or maintenance-free elevators. Indeed, I would turn around and look for another condo, right? That is why, even with fantastic apartments, care in the condominium is indispensable so that it is always attractive and generates good deals.

The superintendent has a fundamental role so that the condominium is always well valued for facilitating when closing new sales and leases.

Here are some tips to keep your condo valued:

  • keep an eye on the floors. Note that they are not damaged.

Ensure that the decorations, cabinets, counters, tables, sofas, chairs, armchairs, and rugs in the reception are in good condition and that the door handles are all working. Make sure the dishes in the party room and bathrooms are not cracked. And make sure that the elevators are in perfect condition.

  • New paint

Pay attention to the internal walls and stairs of all floors, not allowing cracks and fissures. Regularly paint the facade and the interior of the garages. Always replace scratched ceramics and yellowish tiles over time. Look:

  • Right colors

When choosing paints for painting, I prefer clear and neutral ones.  They are fundamental factors when closing a deal. In addition to promoting cleanliness and little time of use, they please most personal tastes. For example, the risk of not pleasing with bold colors, such as purple and dark gray, is much greater.

  • Keep everything clean and organized.

Do not let the tenants accumulate objects in their parking spaces. The crockery and cutlery in the ballroom should always be kept properly. Do not allow residents to put clothes to dry on the balconies.

  • Beautiful gardens

Hire a reliable gardener even if the space for plants is small. Gardens contribute very positively to the first impression of a property. Always keep the grass pruned and do not allow dry leaves to accumulate. See more tips here.

  • Appearance is everything

Special attention to the facade! Remember to take care of the side and rear walls, garage gates, external walls, windows, and balconies. Check that there are no apparent cracks and regularly perform the washing, grouting, and replacement of tablets or with ceramic services. Ensure good lighting in all locations. This must be done to ensure everyone’s safety, comply with legislation and technical standards in addition to valuing the condominium. Understand:

How Do You Choose Materials For Outdoor Areas?

If the condominium has a swimming pool and barbecue, keep them clean even during the winter or not being used.

Everyone wants security

Nowadays, everyone interested in real estate demands security. Therefore, invest in the security of your condominium. This aspect is essential for property valuation. Hire surveillance services and electronic security, patrol, and access control at the concierge.

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