Learning More about Nan Inc. and its Background

Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, Nan Inc. is one of the most well-reputed and renowned construction companies in the state. It has ended up in the list of the top 10 construction companies in Hawaii and for good reason. The company was founded back in 1990 by a man named Patrick Shin, who is also recognized as a philanthropist and a construction expert in Hawaii. He was born in South Korea as Nan Chul Shin and dreamt about moving to the US and becoming an entrepreneur. He changed his name when he came to the United States because he wanted to fit in with the culture.

While living in New York, he received a scholarship to attend Bowling Green State University and graduated with majors in business administration. Moving to Hawaii, he worked as a laborer for a construction company and after two years, he decided to make the second part of his dream come true. He founded Nan Inc. and was committed to helping build the future of Hawaii with the help of his company. It sounded like a tall order, but Patrick Shin wasn’t planning on giving up. The road ahead was definitely not an easy one for him. 

He started off with the smallest possible construction project i.e. installation of a road sign. It may not have appeared to be much, but Patrick Shin didn’t let that encourage him. He only had one additional worker along with him and that’s how Nan Inc. had its humble beginnings. The innovative step by Nan-Inc. owner was that he did every single project with complete focus and dedication, thereby delivering exceptional results. This helped him in building a good reputation for his company and allowed him to get contracts for a variety of projects. 

Within a matter of 30 years, Nan Inc. has expanded significantly and they now have a workforce that comprises of more than 500 people. Their team is well-versed in the ins and outs of construction and they have successfully completed and delivered more than 3,000 projects. Their goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and they tap into their expertise and skill to do so. Whether it is general contracting, pre-contracting or design-build services, Nan Inc. knows how to get it done and this has allowed them to earn the trust of local businesses. In fact, the government has also awarded them multimillion dollar contracts and they have completed them seamlessly. 

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