Periodic Preventive Maintenance Of The Automatic Door

We will do a little mental exercise to understand why periodic preventive maintenance with qualified professionals on automatic doors is required. Car, motorcycle, elevator, cell phone, and computer”, they are all used intensively in our daily lives, correct? Very correct!

The same thing happens with automatic garage door. Perhaps, even to a greater degree of demand, depending on the volume of people passing through them. Daily, they are intensively demanded, because of: purpose and people traffic. The effort is intense – automatic doors can undergo thousands of monthly openings.

Can You Imagine The Effort Made By The Door Mechanism? 

The effort made by the automatic garage door will not depend on the supplier since the door will be there and absorb all the local organic demand. For this reason, it is necessary to stipulate a preventive maintenance schedule to prevent and predict any failures in the mechanism to correct them promptly and, thus, avoid damage that could cause permanent damage.

Always follow the pre-determined schedule and never wait for signs of failure in the automatic garage door mechanism. The safety of everyone is what matters most. The durability of the automatic garage door depends directly on the care given to it. The regular practice of checking possible maladjustments in your daily operation guarantees the entire functioning of the equipment.

Periodically Note:

1- Slowly approach the automatic garage door and check if the sensor picks up the presence in your movement zone – do this, both inside and out;

2- See if, when closing, the automatic garage door moves smoothly and subtly, without any abrupt impact;

3- Noises are indicators that things are not “going well.” Try to notice if the automatic garage door has a different sound or noise. These ports typically emit low noise.

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